Sunday, November 23, 2008


These two Christmas Tree Paintings were inspired by Andy Worhol's version of a Christmas Tree. I LOVE Whimsical!!!!

Initials are so HOT right now...I thought I would whip out a few for, all I need is a couple of Whimsey frames!!!!

8x10 "JOY" I have to find the perfect frame....

Snowman family ornament for someone who helped me with my soldering~
and who helps everyone she knows-Tabetha Sullens. Thanks Tabetha! This will eventually be soldered~hopefully during Thanksgiving. Some special family ornaments for some special families....

This "Pink Poodle in Paris" set of ornaments was inspired by Paula Wanamaker's cookies and will adorn my tree for my girlies this year.

Every year I make ornaments for Reagan and Shelby's classmates. This year instead of painting glass balls, I decided to do something a little differently. These ornaments are made from small picture frames w/mats, scrapbook paper, with chipboard letters and or stickers. All they need is the ribbon attached and they are ready for Reagan's class to enjoy. I will post Shelby's soon...I haven't made my mind up on the design yet.

Super simple "cupcake" pincushions. All you need is a scrap of fabric, scrap of fiber fill, styrofoam ball, plastic cupcake holder-mine are "WILTON" but I noticed these are now for sale in the utencil section at Walmart- and a fuzzy ball for the "cherry". These would be so cute with a solid chocolate fabric and beads sewn on for sprinkles.


My girlies....

"Bella Cosa" a "Beautiful Thing"

Sailboat for a buddy at work who took a promotion and left the department.

"Sophie" for a friend at works wife...he gave it to her for her birthday.

Art is my calm.
These are just a few of my sketches...I will add more as soon as I figure out which computer they are on!lol

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Anyone need a Logo? I LOVE creating LOGOS!!!! I will post some of the others I have created at a later date.

Here is the Logo I designed, and the email announcing the selection of it to be the official logo of the BEECH Program:

From: Simcox, Carol Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:01 AMTo: *WN-PLT All UsersSubject: BEECH Logo

Attached is the logo for our environmental classroom & habitat. Than ks so very much to all those who took the time to design a logo. They were so well done that it has taken a while to make a decision. Kelly Roberts is the designer of the logo we chose.

Also, it’s not too late to sign up for the Project Wild certification class that will be held during our next shutdown on October 9th. By taking this class you will be certified to teach the wonderful lessons to any group you are involved with such as scouting, church, Kids of Community, etc. The class and book are free. If you have a spouse or friend that would like to take the class, just let me know. We need to get a count so we can order the books. Check out the website:


Nature Murals for Bridgestone's BEECH Program
Bridgestone invites local school children out to their Learning Center to enjoy a Science field trip. Besides learning about our local environment and habitats in a classroom setting, kids are also treated to a nature walk to discover the outdoors for themselves and the importance of recycling.
Ron Brooks, Bridgestone/Firestone Warren Plant Manager, asked me to paint some murals in the classroom to reflect nature.
Would you like to have a mural in your home or office? Give me a call for a free estimate: 931-808-5518

Creative Cakes

This is a Shoe/Shoebox/Gift Cake I made for my Niece's Wedding Shower.
It is a white cake covered with butter cream and rolled fondant. The shoe was sculpted from chocolate and the "shoebox" is white cake covered in rolled fondant with extremely thin rolled fondant "tissue". The entire cake, including decorations, are all 100% edible. Serves 50