Monday, December 29, 2008

Courtney's Wedding

January 1, 2009:Well, my 6 year old informed me this morning that I "only have two days till Courtney's wedding and haven't even started making the cake yet"...."you better get started" she said!lol I have so far completed:
DVD to play at the reception
"R" initials for the table decor
"Thank you..." inserts for the table decor
The cake baking is complete...the last one is in the oven as I to clean up the kitchen...
Powdered Sugar from head to toe...LOL! You would not EVEN want to see my kitchen.

December 31, 2009:Drum Roll Please.....I finally finished Courtney's wedding cake....I really hope she likes it!!!! Twinkies are really hard to dip in Chocolate and have them dry smooth, but somehow I managed to muster up all my talent and pull it off. I hope it will stay in place and not fall apart before the reception. This will definitely be the talk of the wedding.... I am so excited and proud!!!!Ok....the cake is a JOKE!!!! Courtney called her mother crying over her redneck wedding cake. Sorry about the meltdown I caused....but I don't care who you are....THAT IS FUNNY!

Well...after 5 hours-yes-5 hours- of stringing silver, crystal, and pearl beads- here is the cake topper. It is between 5 & 6" tall and is much prettier in person. Now for the cake...more pics as we progress....

Here are the favors for Courtney's wedding...which is SATURDAY.....12 down...150 to go!lol Yes, I still have presents under my tree. I was sick during Christmas and missed ALL of the celebrations.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Groundhog Day?

Do you ever sometimes feel like your life is like the movie "Groundhog Day"? That is what mine has been feeling like here lately. I just know, from here on out, Christmas is always going to be only a couple of days away and I am going to be baking, cooking, painting, creating, and working and it will start all over again tomorrow...and I am never going to finish everything in time!lol
Below is one of 2 HUGE BOXES of treats will arrive at Bridgestone tomorrow morning. The other looks just like this one...

I hope my Aunt likes her treats...I think the crystal footed bowl it will be presented with will be a big hit~! I LOVE CRYSTAL!!!

I am now officially 2 cakes away from a nervous breakdown...and I have discovered a beautiful apron I would like to make for a Christmas gift-----someone PLEASE put me out of my misery~~~I still have several pendants to make, and a few canvases that are calling my name...I MUST BE STOPPED!!!lol

Whew....I need a B-R-E-A-K!!!

Paula Wanamaker I am NOT.....

Paula Wanamaker I am NOT...but here is my attempt at some cookies. The little "snowballs" are fondant rolled in coarse sugar...they are soooo cute.
Also, below is the very best thing I have ever come up with in my entire life....snowmen donuts. This is my speciality at every kids party this time of the year.

It just doesn't get any easier than a powdered donut, mini morsels, and a candy corn nose...and the kids LOVE them.

Also, I have found some more uses for my soldered pendants...bookmarks! These combine some of my favorite things-ribbon, scrapbook paper, and initials or pictures.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What I did today....

Today was suppose to be a laid back, kids are out of school, do it my way, kinda day...

REALITY HIT AT 5am...I haven't sat down since then either. Here is how it went:

I painted and soldered 3 snowman necklaces-two for the girls and one extra just in case I need a gift(I am forever needing a gift)

Baked and Decorated one basketball cake and 3 dozen+ cookies...

2 bundt cakes...

6 large cupcakes...

Framed Mrs. Greta Hoover's painting I made for her for Christmas (tonight was the Basketball Christmas Party)

Got 2 girls and myself ready...wrapped the painting at 5:30 p.m. (which by the way is when the party started)

and didn't kill anyone in the process....which was beyond my wildest expectations at 4:37 p.m.!lol

Here is proof that there was no napping for me today---and I sooooo love my naps!!!
Mrs. Greta seemed to like the painting-she is the BEST Coach and Teacher EVER!!!!
The kids enjoyed the cake and cookies....they couldn't believe they were going to get to eat the basketball....Reagan and Shelby were very proud of their mother---and that is what it is all about! Now, I am going to go and pass out...I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ribbon Pieces

There are a few things I absolutely LOVE- Beautiful Fabric, Paper, and Ribbon! I cannot get enough-then again I have too much!lol This Whimiscal Christmas Wreath (which by the way, matches all my mismatched, whimsey Christmas decor) was created out of scraps of left over ribbon attached with pins to a Dollar Tree green foam form. The salmony pink color showed up as orange in the photo, but it is really an awesome color.
So, if you have scraps of beautiful ribbon and hate to throw them away...make a wreath...or roll them up and drop them down into a clear Christmas ball and enjoy for years to come! More posts later-gotta get to work! UGH!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Past

Reagan and Shelby's 3D snowman shirts....

Ornaments I made for the girls at work last year....I love it when people tell me they think of me when they place their ornaments I made for them on their trees each year....How AWESOME that feeling is!!!!

Snowman Shrits I made for Shelby's Class for their Christmas Program....How cute are these kids????

Just some more of my Christmas ornaments....

Just a few crafts from Christmas Past.... I will add more as soon as I can find them.


My stepmother gave me LOTS of beautiful lace that was HANDMADE by her grandmother and great grandmother just sitting in a box in the basement. Ya'll I honestly CRIED when I saw how beautiful and intricate the design and detail was in each piece. So, I took that box of what I call "art" and each year I do something special for my stepmother. A lot of it I framed (which she loves and has hanging in her house) for Mother's Day and her birthday, but this piece I removed the linen center -which time had taken it's toll on-and added a colorful Christmas fabric. BTW...the picture was taken on her great grandmothers oak kitchen table which she gave to me several years ago.

I had to "test" it out to make sure it would hang right---this is on my nightstand----This was a hard one to let go of---not really, but I did think it was one of my finer gifts to give.