Monday, December 29, 2008

Courtney's Wedding

January 1, 2009:Well, my 6 year old informed me this morning that I "only have two days till Courtney's wedding and haven't even started making the cake yet"...."you better get started" she said!lol I have so far completed:
DVD to play at the reception
"R" initials for the table decor
"Thank you..." inserts for the table decor
The cake baking is complete...the last one is in the oven as I to clean up the kitchen...
Powdered Sugar from head to toe...LOL! You would not EVEN want to see my kitchen.

December 31, 2009:Drum Roll Please.....I finally finished Courtney's wedding cake....I really hope she likes it!!!! Twinkies are really hard to dip in Chocolate and have them dry smooth, but somehow I managed to muster up all my talent and pull it off. I hope it will stay in place and not fall apart before the reception. This will definitely be the talk of the wedding.... I am so excited and proud!!!!Ok....the cake is a JOKE!!!! Courtney called her mother crying over her redneck wedding cake. Sorry about the meltdown I caused....but I don't care who you are....THAT IS FUNNY!

Well...after 5 hours-yes-5 hours- of stringing silver, crystal, and pearl beads- here is the cake topper. It is between 5 & 6" tall and is much prettier in person. Now for the cake...more pics as we progress....

Here are the favors for Courtney's wedding...which is SATURDAY.....12 down...150 to go!lol Yes, I still have presents under my tree. I was sick during Christmas and missed ALL of the celebrations.

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  1. All I can say is that is too funny! I swear she called me crying, and saying get on the computer you've got to look at my cake. What am I going to do? You definitely got her on that one!!!! I love you so much and thank-you for EVERYTHING that you have done and are doing to make her wedding day wonderful!!!!! You are THE BEST!!!!!!