Friday, March 20, 2009

Emme's Birthday Cake...

What a Birthday Party Emme had! Her theme was Chocolate and boy was there CHOCOLATE! I had the honor of doing her cake-Milk Chocolate with Milk Chocolate Frosting, decorated with cake "kisses" dipped in chocolate, fondant "kisses", and M&M's. One large cake "kiss" adorned the top with the banner that reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMME!" She also ordered 24 additional individual cake "kisses" for this party as well. I have also attached a couple of pics of the party....IT WAS FABULOUS!
The tables weren't completely decorated when I took this pic-she later scattered assorted chocolates up the center as well as added the individual cake "kisses" to the tables. She also had lots of brown and pink balloons. Gloppy, from CandyLand, showed up again as a backdrop to the main food table. She lined the walkway from the door to the party with a (paper)M&M path. All I can say is: AWESOME! Do you think Paddi would throw me a Birthday Party?lol

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