Sunday, April 05, 2009


Have you seen this cake mold? It is a Martha Stewart Beehive Cake Mold from her online catalog-which is no longer in existence. I have been obsessed with having this mold for YEARS! Really. Seriously. Please if you see this mold, have this mold, or know someone who does...I would love to purchase it, or buy + draw your child's/grandchild's picture, or just borrow it to make one of these cute little cakes. Thanks guys! Kelly


  1. Amazon has one by Nordic Ware. Pretty cute

  2. Kelly, You left a comment on my blog about my Martha Stewart Beehive Cake Mold. Yes, I would consider selling it if you offer a fair price. I am aware of its rarity so hopefully we can come up with a price that both of us would be happy with.

    The quality compared to the Nordic Ware design is far superior. My mold is in prestine condition.

  3. Girlfriend, I LOVE this cake pan too!!! Guess what---JCPENNY has it:)
    They also have a butterfly cake pan too that is adorable! The beehive is $35.99(was $49.99), but it is Nordicware. You can save $14 by ordering it online, at

    Lov ya girlie, Paula Ann