Thursday, February 11, 2010


Please continue to keep Elisa Cooper Luna and her family in your prayers. Elisa has a long, hard road ahead and so does her family. Paddi Smith and I were talking about putting together a gift basket of snacks, drinks, restaurant and gas gift cards, change, and cards.

We know there are so many of you out there that would like to help the family during this unbearable time, but are not sure how to do so. Please join us in showing this family the love and support they need, whether through a donation or something as simple as a card or letter. Shawn Stinson (National Diamond Co.) has so graciously opened his business to receive these donations and Paddi and I will make sure they get to the family members. The first delivery will be this coming Monday, February 15. Following deliveries will be scheduled. Thanks so much. and PLEASE KEEP PRAYING.

UPDATE FROM ERIC BONNER Thursday, February 11: I just left UT Hospital. I want to be as clear and concise with this update as I can be. I am not a doctor, of course, and want to make 100% sure that I don't misrepresent anything:Elisa is in critical care. I got to see her and pray with her and for her about an hour ago. Her mom and Barry were also there. She squeezed my hand with her left hand. I told her that all the Warren County folks loved her like crazy and that literally thousands are praying for her and look forward to seeing her back at school.Her prognosis seems pretty good insofar as leaving the hospital is concerned, but even that will be a long, long way off. She suffered two differed entry wounds. One exited and did some damage to the spleen and lung. The other lodged in the 10th vertabrae. They won't even think of trying to dislodge it for fear of more damage being done. There is paralysis from the waist down. The doctor has said that "recovery from that is unlikely but that miracles do happen." That is pretty much a direct quote.... Elisa is being sedated by the doctors. I don't know exactly the thought there. Maybe you medical folks can make some inferences on that one. Maybe pertaining to shock. I really don't know about that.There is an issue with one of her lungs that has been compromised somewhat. Not as severe as a collapsed lung, but something they are certainly having to monitor. As far as the particulars of her physical condition, that's the most clear assessment I can give.Barry is "Husband Of The Year." (I am not even in the running by the way. Ha. Trying to laugh to keep from crying.) He is so in love with her, kissing all over her, just the best ever. He's in shock and has not slept since this first happened. He's running on pure, pure adreniline. Pray for him and for Elisa's mom and dad. I cannot imagine how surreal this is for all of them.The secondary issues for the family are: the intense media attention surrounding all of this; the criminal / legal aspect; the SCORES of students, teachers, friends and church members AT the hospital and on the phone. The family is in a complete fog and overwhelmed. Then the obvious matter of the ......... anger - - makes me so damned mad I can barely type it myself. The senselessness of it all. I'll just leave that alone for now.I'll keep everyone posted as best I can. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY!

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  1. I know we all are! I am heartbroken for them. I, too, as so ANGRY that this guy was in a school setting. God is unwavering in his love and my prayer is that Elisa will be restored to her family and school. Let's unite to pray continually for her complete recovery.