Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Tennessee Basket~Emily Hobbs

I just wanted to pass this info along from my friend Brandie Mansfield.
Hello ladies! Many of you already know that my sister, Emily Hobbs, is headed to Jackson, Tennessee to participate in the Miss Tennessee Pageant this year. We are all so excited!
She has to take a themed basket for the silent auction that goes on during the pageant. She has decided on a "Products of Warren County" theme. I think this is a wonderful idea considering all of the talented artists and shop owners we are surrounded with.
I am in charge of collecting the donations. If you would like to donate an item of your choosing for the basket, we would greatly appreciate your support. Please include a business card for extra advertising! This will be a great way to spread the word about your product.
You can drop your donation by Bobby Ray Elementary anytime or contact me about pick up. I need all donations by April 1. Thank you so much for helping Emily achieve her dream. You all are the best!

Brandie Mansfield

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  1. Kelly, girl! You are on top of things! I haven't even gotten around to blogging yet. Thank you for spreading the word and for supporting Emily. You are such a sweet person. Maybe we can actually meet in person some day:)! Thanks again!