Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coupon Binder Idea

There has been a lot of interest in how I organize my coupons so I thought I would share it with all my blog followers. Like most everyone else I tried using the accordian file, which only frustrated me trying to locate my coupons, and fumbling through them over, and over, and over in the store, until I found the one I was needing at the moment. I really wanted them where I could see all the coupons I had for whatever product(s) I was purchasing. So, I took my black 3 ring zip binder/organizer left over from my days working at the Chamber, added some dividers, trading card sleeves & photo sleeves, and revamped it into one HANDY DANDY coupon orgainizing apparatus. Since I do the majority of my shopping at Kroger (cause they double coupons everyday) I set my organizer up to reflect the products on the store aisles, but you can set yours up to however it benefits, or makes the most sense, to you. Yes, this takes a little time on the front end, but saves time and needless frustration at the grocery store. I leave the front photo sleeve empty to hold the coupons I pull throughout the store in order to save time at the register....the folks behind you will appreciate that greatly!lol Five couponing tips I would like to pass along: 1. If you have a "buy $$$, take $$$ off your purchase" use these FIRST, because if you use the other coupons first you may not have enough of a bill to use these types of coupons at the end of the purchase. 2. Always use your "buy one get one free" coupons at the END of the transaction. This way you can use 2 regular coupons for your BOGO products and still get one free-it is like doubling up a coupon on the first product and getting the second free. #3 You can use store coupons ex. RiteAid or Walgreens, and also a manufactures coupon together~doubling the bang for your buck. 4. Sign up at you cannot believe the savings you will be entitled to. For instance, yesterday I earned $5 off a $20 purchase watching commercials, and received $36 in free coupons all while I applied my makeup for the day! Also, you earn rewards that are translated into a LIVE REBATE CHECK delivered to your home at your request! 5. The following site is a wealth of information . Hope this helps...if you have any questions....HOLLA! xoxoxox, Kelly


  1. You are very welcome! You should join us at ETC across from the Fire Hall downtown, not next Tues. but the following one, for our coupon club. We share lots of great tips...and have lots of extra coupons....just bring some scissors.

  2. This sounds wonderful. Have tried couponing before but always gave up due to lack of time to cut, sort, organize, excuses just seems easier to buy generic as much as possible (and avoid walmart with kids in tow. LOL) But I keep hearing about moms with big savings due to coupons. Might have to get back in the groove. Thanks for the info.

  3. It really is worth the effort, and becomes more of a challenge than anything!LOL I spent $26 at Riteaid and walked out with $70 worth of products. Stocking up when it is on sale is the key, and stores that double coupons are awesome! Hope this helps....