Saturday, April 03, 2010

Faux Fondant Sample Cake

Here is a 6" sample cake I made for a "tasting" held last night. The couple wanted the look of fondant without the taste of fondant, so I attempted to do a faux fondant buttercream and it turned out pretty smooth for it being the first time. The piping was a rush job done with the same buttercream (really too thick for piping) only tinted, and was ONLY for COLOR EXACTING purposes and not to show a finished product example~so take it easy on me!LOL The cake was a 4 layer white cake with buttercream frosting~and it passed the taste test! yeah!!!! I also took a sampling of MY FONDANT, and the future bride and groom liked it so much they decided to go with a hand painted fondant wedding cake. What a compliment!!!

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