Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Beauties....

Ok...I don't have a green thumb, but even I have a pretty bloom every once in a while!lol This rose is a newbie, a gift from my mother, of which I have received about 6 of this year, Knockout Roses. They are very beautiful and I am hoping I won't kill them. The other is my FAVORITE flower~the Tulip....of which a few years ago I planted about a MILLION of them, and this year only a few peeked their little heads out :(. The yard mowing chickie is my oldest, Reagan. She loves to mow the yard and Big Daddy lets her. BTW~ she mows AT THE YARD....she doesn't get the whole mow in line/get ALL the grass concept~LOL~ I just LOVED that pic and wanted to throw it in. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...and I hope we do not get the storms they are predicting for us! xoxoxo, Kelly

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